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Piano teacher Frank Chappell provides professional one on one Piano and Keyboard lessons for students of all ages 5 through adult in the Temecula, Murrieta, Winchester areas of California.

What are the benefits of taking Piano Lessons?

Piano lessons are a great way to introduce yourself or your child to the wonderful world of music. Studies have confirmed that music lessons particularly learning the Piano gives a child an advantage in understanding math and science better than those who don't take lessons. In addition, the Piano is a very versatile instrument requiring great coordination and skill to master. Piano lessons improves a childs coordination and concentration which improves reading scores, comprehension and enhances their memory skills.

Piano playing is a fantastic talent to possess and it allows your child to gain a great deal of self-confidence. Providing your child with the opportunity to take Piano lessons may one day contribute or lead to a much desirable music career.

Why choose Frank Chappell as your Piano Teacher?

I believe that Piano and Keyboard lessons should be fun and enjoyable for each and every student. It is so important that students are allowed to play music that is meaningful to them. Scales and exercises are important too, but they shouldn't be the ultimate goal. I use "traditional" teaching methods and emphasize proficiency in reading music from the very beginning. I am a very patient, yet effective Piano teacher with over 17 years of cumulative experience teaching Piano and Keyboard in group and private settings.

I offer Piano and Keyboard lessons right in the convenience of your own home. We all lead busy lifestyles, wouldn't it be nice to have your Piano teacher come to you?

What if I don't have a Piano?

It is not too difficult today to find a decent beginner's Piano for not too much money if you do a little hunting around. Some of my students have found fabulous deals on Piano's through www.craigslist.com. Also, you don't necessarily need a Piano right away in order to get started. A keyboard with full-sized keys can be a good beginner's instrument as well. Please read my Piano Information page for more details about Piano's and Keyboard's in detail.

Begin your Piano or Keyboard Lessons Today!

Why not begin your journey into the world of music today? Discover the personal satisfaction you can achieve by learning how to play the Piano or Keyboard. You will be glad that you did.



Discover the Joy of Piano Playing

Discover the Joy of Piano Playing

There is nothing like the joy you receive when you have the ability to play the music that you enjoy and love. The most cherished part of Piano playing is to be able to put your own feeling and expression into your music and to convey that to yourself and others that listen to you. I feel that a love for music and performance must be developed in my students. This love and joy is fundamental to their overall success as musicians.


Become a Creative Musician

Music is wonderful, expressive art. Therefore, it is important that a students mind is stimulated to create beautiful and inspiring music. Learning to play the Piano involves mastering many different elements and patterns. The utilization of these elements and patterns allows a musician to write their own songs! There is no greater satisfaction when we have the ability to create our own music or take a song and change it to make it our own. I encourage and train my students to be creative from the beginning and to continue this creativitiy throughout their musical career.


Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is the key to becoming a successful musician. Learning how to practice the correct way is crucial to a students overall success. You cannot succeed and become an accomplished musician without DAILY practice. This is also true with just about anything we want to learn and master in life. Part of my curriculum involves teaching my students how to practice correctly. I require that my students practice DAILY and to put their best efforts into their assignments and the music that they learn.


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