Frequenty Asked Questions


At what age can my child start taking lessons? Generally a child can begin when he or she is 5 years old. The determining factor involves the child's ability to understand and communicate the basics of the english language. In some instances a child can begin taking lessons before he or she reaches 5 years of age. I require that a
parent is present for a child's lesson through age 9.

Do you teach adults? Absolutely. Adults are welcome to learn the piano and the keyboard. I encourage adults to take lessons along with their children. I provide a discount for a second student in the same home. Learning materials are available specifically for adults and children alike.

What levels do you teach? I teach beginning and intermediate piano and keyboard students. In the near future I will be accepting advanced students, however, I strongly encourage all advanced students to continue their education through a college or conservatory.

What teaching methods do you use? I use Traditional methods to teach students how to play the Piano and Keyboard. I prefer the John Thompson method, but I will often use other methods from Bastien and Alfred depending on the student and their needs. I strongly believe that students must learn how to read music. However, the Suzuki method can be very effective for students younger than 6 years of age and that is primarily the age group that this method was designed for.

Do I have to own a Piano in order to take lessons? Generally an instrument at home is required in order to be able to learn and practice regularly. Some students have relatives or friends close by that own an instrument that they can practice on. However, practice must take place on a daily basis in order for students to be successful. An acoustic piano is not necessarily required. A digital piano that has a full keyboard (88 keys) and has weighted keys can take the place of an acoustic piano. An electronic keyboard can also be suitable for learning and practicing on for beginner levels but it does not take the place of an actual Piano. It is advisable that a Piano purchase is made if a student is progressing beyond a beginner. There are many low cost options to getting a decent acoustic or digital Piano to learn on.

What if my acoustic piano is out of tune? A well tuned piano is crucial for the students development and success. A Piano should be tuned twice per year (Once every 6 months) or once per year at the absolute minimum.

How much do the lessons cost? Piano and keyboard lessons are $20 per lesson in my home or yours in the Temecula area. ($25.00 per lesson all other areas when I come to you) All scheduled lessons are billed at the end of each month for the upcoming month and are payable in advance. All books and learning materials are paid for by the student or student's parents as needed. The teacher will provide these materials as needed and will notify the student or student's parents of the cost in advance.

How often are lessons given? Lessons are scheduled once per week. Each student is given a regular day and time for the weekly lesson. I do not usually advise or agree to lessons on a bi-weekly basis, however, some exceptions may apply on a temporary basis. Weekly re-inforcement from the teacher is best for the students overall progress.

How much practice should a student do per day? For very young beginners a minimum of 10-15 mintues of practice time is required per day. For older beginners a minimum of 30 minutes is usually best and for intermediate students a minimum of 45 minutes to 1 hour of practice time is required per day. Regular daily practice is absolutely crucial in order for students to be successful. It's better to practice every day for 15 minutes than to practice only a few days with longer sessions. The key to learning is DAILY exposure to playing the Piano.

What if the student is ill and can't make their scheduled lesson? A make-up lesson will be scheduled that is both convenient for the student and teacher within 4 days of the cancelled lesson. If a make-up can't be arranged then the cost of that lesson will not be refunded. Four times per year there are 5 weeks in a month. Each month I have the student pay for only 4 lesson even if there are 5 lessons scheduled. I use the extra days and apply those to cancelled lessons that cannot be made up. Of course, you will not be charged for any lesson the teacher cancels and does not make up.






















Discover the Joy of Piano Playing

There is nothing like the joy you receive when you have the ability to play the music that you love. To put your own feeling and expression into your music, to convey that to yourself and others that listen to you is the most cherished aspect of playing the Piano. I feel that teaching this to my students is fundamental to their overall success as musicians.

Become a Creative Musician

Music is an art. Therefore, it is important that we stimulate our minds to create beautiful and inspiring music. Learning to play the Piano involves mastering many different elements and patterns. We can utilize them to write our own songs! There is no greater satisfaction when we have the ability to create our own music or take a song and change it to make it our own. I encourage and train my students to be creative from the beginning and throughout their career as students with me.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is the key to becoming a successful musician. Learning how to practice the correct way is crucial to the students overall success. You cannot succeed and become an accomlished musician without DAILY practice. This is true with just about anything we want to learn and master in life. I require that my students practice DAILY and to put their heart and best effort into their music.

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