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I provide private one on one Piano and Keyboard Lessons in Temecula, Murrieta and Winchester California.

I offer a discount for more than one student in the same household.

I offer to conduct lessons right in the comfort and convenience of your own home in the Temecula area only. We all lead very busy lives, wouldn't it be nice to have your piano teacher come to you?

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Frank Chappell

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Limited Edition Steinway Grand Piano


Discover the Joy of Piano Playing

There is nothing like the joy you receive when you have the ability to play the music that you love. To put your own feeling and expression into your music, to convey that to yourself and others that listen to you is the most cherished aspect of playing the Piano. I feel that teaching this to my students is fundamental to their overall success as musicians.

Become a Creative Musician

Music is an art. Therefore, it is important that we stimulate our minds to create beautiful and inspiring music. Learning to play the Piano involves mastering many different elements and patterns. We can utilize them to write our own songs! There is no greater satisfaction when we have the ability to create our own music or take a song and change it to make it our own. I encourage and train my students to be creative from the beginning and throughout their career as students with me.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is the key to becoming a successful musician. Learning how to practice the correct way is crucial to the students overall success. You cannot succeed and become an accomlished musician without DAILY practice. This is true with just about anything we want to learn and master in life. I require that my students practice DAILY and to put their heart and best effort into their music.

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Frank Chappell

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