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I began my musical career at the age of 5. My instruction began with private Piano lessons. I continued my lessons until I was 17 years old and finished my course of instruction that was outlined by my teacher through the advanced levels. At age 14 I also took lessons playing the Organ for 4 years. I was instructed utilizing traditional methods and took a course with the Suzuki method when it first became available. I learned various aspects of Piano playing including classical, ragtime, modern, contemporary and jazz. A lot of emphasis in my instruction involved improvisation. In High school I joined the Orchestra to play Piano, however, someone else was promised the privilege before me. The instructor at the school told me "Here, take this Viola and learn how to play it." In 6 weeks I was playing the Viola with the Orchestra proficiently and I played Piano as a backup. In High school I also joined the Choir and the exclusive acapella singing group as a bass singer. I played Piano exclusively for the Choir and girls chorus for 3 full years.

After high school I worked at a local music store in San Diego, California (Thearle's Music Company) demonstrating and selling Pianos and Keyboards. I also taught group Piano and Keyboard lessons for the music store. Beginning at the age of 12 I performed each year at the Thearle's Music Store festivals. These festivals were unique because they involved a massive coordination of over 100 Piano players playing harmonizing parts at the same time. At age 18 until age 20 I was privileged to be used as an instructor for other students during the rehearsals of these Piano festivals and I also played along with them.

Before and after high school I performed for many weddings and events playing the Piano for ceremonies and dinner music for receptions. I also played Keyboard, Synthesizers, guitar and bass guitar with a band that played at wedding receptions. In 2011 I will once again offer Piano playing services for weddings and special events.

I began my career teaching Piano to students at age 18 and continued teaching for 16 consecutive years. In 2010 Chappell Piano was instituted in Temecula, California and I have resumed doing what I love to do most and that is teaching students how to play the Piano and Keyboard.

Details on my teaching philosophy and methods

I believe in using well rounded traditional Piano methods for all of my students. Students must learn how to read music and I make this a matter of first priority from the very beginning. Learning to play a musical instrument like the Piano is like learning a foreign language. It takes years of instruction and practice to perfect a fine instrument like the Piano.

I have a unique but open teaching method and I believe in making Piano lessons fun and enjoyable for each and every student. I have a lesson plan for students each week and I like to build further on this plan during each lesson to continuously whet the students appetite for learning something new. I encourage my students to be creative and improvise from the beginning. Music is all about originality and I teach my students to make songs their own by adding their own notes and chords, make up their own melodies and words to the music they create. I simply provide the tools to my students so that they can accomplish this very important aspect of music. In reality, learning to play the Piano involves mastering the numerous patterns involved. Once learned, a student will possess all of the tools to improvise upon existing songs and also to create and write their own music.








Discover the Joy of Piano Playing

There is nothing like the joy you receive when you have the ability to play the music that you love. To put your own feeling and expression into your music, to convey that to yourself and others that listen to you is the most cherished aspect of playing the Piano. I feel that teaching this to my students is fundamental to their overall success as musicians.

Popular ARtists

I am currently working on mastering this most beloved sonata in all of keyboard literature. There are 26 pages to master and consists of 3 movements (Allegro, Adagio, Rondo:Allegro). I hope to perform this piece for my students at the next Piano recital that I host. The difficulty level is a 10 which makes this one of the most difficult of all Piano pieces to master. This piece requires strong fingers as the first Allegro movement is very, very fast. In addition, the piece contains a lot of dynamics that must be applied correctly.

Contemporary Music

I love playing piano ballads and contemporary music. I particularly enjoy arranging and improvising to make these songs unique and original. Some examples are "Faithfully" by Journey and "Always a Woman" by Billy Joel. Other songs that make great Piano solos are "You Raise me up", "From a Distance" , Selections from "Phantom of the Opera", Ballads by Elton John and many others. I am currently working on selections to perform wedding ceremonies and receptions. I partner with my wife's business Sweet Petals Florist where we specialize in floral designs and arrangements for weddings and events. Our plan is to offer wedding ceremony and reception Piano and Keyboard music as a package with wedding flowers in the 2012 wedding season.

Contact Information

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Email: learn2play@chappellpiano.com